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The Eco Turtle CIC

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What is the purpose?

Eco Turtle is a not for profit social enterprise and all fees cover costs to deliver the scheme to members. Surpluses will be distributed to furthering education in sustainability and the circular economy.

  • Common Seas

  • Suffers Against Sewage

  • WWF

  • Any member recommended beneficiaries

Potential beneficiaries?

  • 480 billion single-use plastic bottles were sold in 2020*

  • Equivalent to 9.7 million per second

  • If each bottle used the RPR trust mark at 0.01p per bottle

  • £48 million would be donated to charity

  • 336,000 tons of CO2 will be saved if 100% post-consumer recycled materials is used

Potential donations?

Investing in sustainability education

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Pioneering the plastic revolution

The RPR will re-invest any proceeds from the cost of the mark into education programmes around sustainability.  

With the help of Timothy the Turtle, we want to raise awareness of the plastic problem. Inspiring the younger generation to make change happen through positive life choices, all proceeds of the RPR will be invested into education around sustainability at schools and universities.

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