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What is the RPR trademark?

The Recycled Plastic Rating is a single mark that denotes the percentage of recycled content in packaging

The mark empowers consumers to live sustainably by purchasing products that visibly identify packaging containing Post-Consumer Recycled content. 

It achieves this by showing consumers responsible packaging at the point of purchase. Providing clarity for the consumer through producer accountability

“Consumers will drive the change,  but it’ s up to manufacturers to facilitate the movement.“

What will the RPR do?
Consumer Benefits?


Changes the focus from “I hope this gets recycled?” to “I’ll buy this because it contains recycled content, and I know it will get recycled again.”


The RPR is easily recognisable and will be understood by manufacturers and consumers globally.


Empowers consumers to live more sustainably by reducing and calculating their personal CO2 footprint.

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Why the RPR is essential

Divert ocean bound plastic

  • The RPR will dramatically divert millions of tonnes of waste plastic from entering into the environment.

  • With the RPR, brands will be able to show their inherently progressive nature and signal that circular economy practices exist, and work.

  • 70% reduction in carbon emission when recycling plastic versus producing virgin material.

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